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Review: Dear Kate x League of Ladies Panty Set

League of Ladies x Dear Kate

League of Ladies x Dear Kate

Dear Kate has been releasing cute high technology panties for years now, but it took this series in conjunction with League of Ladies to get me to try out one of their panty sets. As background, League of Ladies did a Kickstarter for a series of panties with feminist icons on them several years ago. It was very successful, but an e-commerce store never really popped up afterwards. Dear Kate has smartly paired with them to apply their designs to their high technology panties, which they’re advertising as a limited edition line. I went ahead and bought the full set, which has four unique designs: Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman and Amelia Earhart.

I usually try to shoot lingerie quickly once I receive it, but due to a house full of people over Thanksgiving and a ton of work, these have gone through a ton of wash and wear before I photographed them. They look as good as new, which I’m extremely impressed with. I’ve handwashed them, but I’ve also put them through the washer and dryer on the gentle cycle with no ill effect. These panties are on the expensive side ($44 per pair) but in terms of price per use they’re clearly great value.

In terms of sizing, the Dear Kate size chart is perfectly accurate. These are an XL, which fit me perfectly. These have stretch, but not quite as much as your standard stretch lace or cotton panty. All of these panties come with the Dear Kate mini lining – there’s no option for the larger lining if you want it.


So, how do they look? Here’s the whole pack, both front and back. 

Marie Curie Hipster Mini:

Frida Kahlo Hipster Mini:

Harriet Tubman Hipster Mini:

Amelia Earhart Hipster Mini:

They’re cute without being overdone and insanely comfortable! If they hold up this well over time, this is a purchase that I’ll be extremely happy with. I really hope that Dear Kate does more lines like this that incorporate other designers, even if they’re limited edition. The Dear Kate fabric and the League of Ladies designs are such a great match here. If you need a holiday gift for either a teenager who is exploring women in history or a 30 year old woman who used to be super into American Girl Dolls, these would be perfect.

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  1. Okay, so I know this is a panty review (which look super cool by the way), but can I just say how much I love your shirt??? 🙂

    • I love this shirt! I got it years ago at uh….Target? Walmart? Something like that. I only own about three t-shirts, but I’ll wear this one until it has holes in it.

  2. Those are so, so faboulous. This reminds me I was meaning to get a friend some Dear Kates for Christmas, excuse me.

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