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Victoria’s Secret Thought They Could Trick Me.

In light of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I feel almost obligated to write something. But to be honest most of the things I’ve thought have already been posted and published by others. So to avoid repetition  (How fantastical the show and effects were; How Taylor Swift could easily have a back-up career as an Angel; How those wings seriously get bigger every year; And how it contradicts everything women have been trying to do to create a discussion of body equality, self love, and acceptance), instead i”m just going to throw these images out there real quick…

While browsing the website I saw the Fantasy Collection, which featured many looks from the show. Seeing as how I had been pleasantly surprised by their Designer Collection, I decided to take a peek around. Pretty much what was expected: shots from the runway alongside garments available for purchase. I saw this crazy awesome outfit for the Very Sexy Push-Up Bra.  And only $48? What is their secret??

Amazing, right?

Amazing, right?

I mean, I knew it wouldn’t come with the wings or that sequined encrusted mesh body suit, and yea I’d probably have to curl my own hair. But still, the bra was so gold and glittery! So just imagine my disappointment when this showed up on the product information page.

Womp Womp Womp

Womp Womp Womp

To be fair, next to the first image it did say, “Featured image shows item as seen on the 2014 Fashion Show runway. See the alternate image for actual product detail.

But WHAT detail? I mean seriously, that is a really big jump to make. Was that initial image supposed to be enough into coaxing me to buy a $48 plain, and otherwise ill-fitting bra? (just Google “Victoria’s Secret Sizing Review” and you’ll catch my drift). Well jokes on you, Victoria, ’cause I’m not buyin’ it. And also you’ve lost my trust.


I suppose that’s all I had left to say about the show, which wasn’t really about the actual show at all. I’m probably over-reacting, but Victoria’s Secret always aims to illicit a reaction, excite, intrigue. Well, this is what they got from me. Did any of you see the show? Reactions? Thoughts? Purchases?

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