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February 2015

    Kelsey Plays Dress Up In Evgenia, Has Spiritual Awakening.

    The week right before Valentine’s Day, I had the opportunity to go to a pop-up shop and see some of my favorite lingerie designers, as well as checking out some new ones. I tired on some amazing pieces from designers like The Giving Bride, and Evgenia. Of course I was thrilled to see my tried and true favorites, Harlow and Fox, as well as Angela Friedman (duh). Be sure to check out these ladies’ websites and social media, listed at the bottom, for style inspiration. Or at the very least to guarantee that you’ll have beautiful posts to look at while scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the day. 

    I wanted to focus on Evgenia, previously Honey Cooler Handmade. Her products included rompers, ribboned corsets, silk tap pants, a sheer bralette, tanks for lounging that could easily be transitioned to outerwear, and eye-masks for days. She has mastered the balance between ready to wear whimsical, and upscale luxury. I felt like a total babe, and you will too.

    It was admittedly a bit overwhelming when I realized I wanted to wear everything at once and never take them off.  I managed to pull myself together long enough to try on a couple different looks. Check out my favorites below!

    Deco Cami and Tap Short in  China Rose

    Deco Cami and Tap Short in China Rose

    I’ll admit that when Angela suggested try on the Night Garden Bralette, I didn’t quite get it. I mean of course I understand that garments always look different on the hanger than they do on you, but because of it’s unique shape, it wasn’t something I would normally be drawn to when I saw it on the shelf. Well I stood corrected. It fit my chest size perfectly, and the adjustable straps helped me find the fit that was just right for me.

    Tap Short in China Rose with Bralette in Black Dahlia

    Tap Short in China Rose with Bralette in Black Dahlia

    I loved it, I had to have it, so I got it. In the pictures above, I was wearing a nude bra underneath so, you know, I could be in public. However during one of the laziest days of my life last weekend, I wore it sans bra, as it’s meant to be,  and suddenly everything I was doing was justified.

    All of the designers were so wonderful, talented, and made me feel incredibly comfortable trying on sheer bras in the middle of an open gallery space in Lower Manhattan. My favorite part was being able to mix and match some from each designer, I mean how beautiful is this combination between Harlow and Fox with Evgenia? I’m wearing the Augusta Scarlett Fringed Kimono (Harlow and Fox) on top of the Night Garden Bralette (Evgenia).

    Bralette in Black Dahlia w/ Scarlett Fringed Robe

    One day that robe will be mine.

    Be sure to check out Sweet Nothings’ blog where she flawlessly modeled Evgenia. You can see how items like the Night Garden Cami fit all different sizes, and look equally awesome regardless of bust size. 

    Websites to Memorize/Accounts to Follow:

    Evgenia: / @evgenialingerie (Instagram)
    Harlow and Fox: / @harlowandfox (Instagram)
    Angela Friedman: / @angelafriedman (Instagram)
    The Giving Bride: / @thegivingbride (Instagram)

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