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Spring Cravings: Holly’s Spring Favorites List

I am usually someone who is attracted to intense jewel tones and reds, but even I’ve found myself craving more spring-like colors over the past few weeks. Now that gorgeous weather is actually here (and other parts of the country are starting to thaw) I’m ready to break out my pretty pastel dresses and celebrate. I’ve actually purchased several of these pieces already, so expect to see some of these show up in reviews over the next month or so. It’s either been cold or pouring rain here, so there hasn’t been much of an opportunity to take pictures! All of these would also be great as the basis of a thematic St. Patrick’s Day outfit, which is a major holiday here in New Orleans.

1. Eden Set By Freya:
I haven’t purchased a Freya bra set in years, but I couldn’t resist this mint floral set and the matching chemise. While it isn’t perfect (and I didn’t expect it to be) I’ve really enjoyed wearing it. The floral print is unusual and it’s just so spring-like.

2. Eden Chemise by Freya: 
I love that Freya has decided to try sheer nightwear to go over their lingerie sets. It mirrors what non-full bust companies are doing and is a really smart business decision. I also love having something matching and girly to wear around the house, since this print is so great to begin with.

3. Kelly Balconette Bra by Kris Line
This bra set has very few sizes left on Brastop, which makes me sad because I really want it. I love this powder pink color (which works well as a flesh tone on me) and the polka dot print is subtle and fun.

4. Lena Dress in Seersucker by Trashy Diva
Trashy Diva recently restocked their seersucker collection after it sold out quickly during the first run. I waited to long the first time around, so I got down there as quickly as I could this time. I suspect I’ll be living in this dress over the spring and summer.

5. Liz Mini Dress in Jade Watercolor by Trashy Diva
Another brand new Trashy Diva offering! The Liz cut may be my all time favorite Trashy Diva cut for full busted ladies – I now own three in different fabrics and patterns.

6. Beatrice Bra in Spotted Mint by Tutti Rouge
I’m going to do several Tutti Rouge reviews this season, as their spring collection is a burst of fun in what has otherwise been a sea of boring this year. I’ll definitely be picking up this new fashion version of my favorite plunge, but I also have plans to pick up several other styles to give them a shot.

7. Spring Forward Wicker Frog Purse by Kate Spade
I adore Kate Spade’s wicker purses (although I can only afford them on sale) and this frog version is just adorable.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that chemise, too. I included it in my post on Monday. But I didn’t even think of wearing the bra and chemise together! Duh.

  2. I’m fantasizing about the frog purse and Liz dress together (even though I didn’t want the frog purse). They’d be a darling combination!

  3. Yes for getting that Lena seersucker dress and the Jade Watercolor Liz! I remember how awesome you look in those Lizes! That frog purse is so adorable!!! I agree with Ashley! That one would be so cute with the Liz! <3

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