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Luxury Plus Size Lingerie Review: Salome by RavenDreams

Salome Purple by RavenDreams

Salome Purple by RavenDreams

I’ve been all about praising the wonderful work that RavenDreams is doing for the plus size lingerie community, so it seems fitting that I’m finally reviewing some of their stuff! If you’re new to RavenDreams, check out the interview I did with their lead designer on The Lingerie Addict here for some useful background information. Needless to say, when Abi asked me if I wanted to review one of their new pieces I jumped at the chance.

Salome by RavenDreams

Salome by RavenDreams


While most lingerie is the same old thing, RavenDreams pieces are inspired by everything from medieval artwork to Game of Thrones. This piece fits particularly well into the fantasy literature inspired side of the brand. RavenDreams produces luxury lingerie, so prices are in line with other brands in the introductory luxury market. They cater to sizes up to 4XL, so this really is lingerie that embraces plus size women at any size.

RavenDreams Lingerie

RavenDreams Lingerie

This piece features two layers of luxurious chiffon along with handmade details like these Swarvoski crystal studded roses. While it gets serious points for comfort and softness, Abi’s gone one step further and designed the piece to embrace multiple looks. The chemise comes with a loop made from the same roses you see in the closeup here, which can be used to drape and style the piece in different ways. This can turn it from a nightgown into an exposed back tunic for a night out with some creative draping.

Back-no-tie-2 Back-with-tie-1

As you can see, this tie dramatically transforms the look of the piece. I actually think this would make a great bathing cover up as well with the right halter suit underneath.


While most plus size lingerie is designed to smash women’s bodies into an hourglass shape, this piece embraces whatever you have. The sides are cut deep (hence me not photographing the side view) and full of enticing angles that display the body with no moulding from heavy powermeshes or underwires. It’s a kind of lingerie that I wish more plus size designers would embrace – it’s lingerie that makes you look good, rather than forcing you to feel like someone you’re not. That said, I’m definitely looking forward to investing in one of RavenDreams’ more structured pieces to see what kind of wire-free support they can provide as well.


While this was a sample, I can freely say that it is worth every penny (and I in fact offered to pay Abi for it since I fell in love with it so much!). I’ll definitely be back to try more from RavenDreams. I’m currently lusting after their Victorian inspired take on shapewear, but I’ve also had one of their wireless babydolls on my list for at least a year now.

I really try not to play favorites with designers (my lingerie copywriter job forces me to be quietly neutral on many things) but I have to say that RavenDreams is currently my favorite plus size designer on the market. If you buy one piece of luxury lingerie this year, make it one of theirs. 

Note: Abi didn’t ask me to do this, but I want to mention it anyway! RavenDreams has been shortlisted for the British Plus Size Awards and is up against big giants like Panache, Curvy Kate and Elomi. If you want to vote for the indie choice, go here to vote for RavenDreams.

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  1. Wow! This is really pretty on you Holly! I love it with the back tie too!

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