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Tropical Prints for Tropical Winters: The Janey Bra by Tutti Rouge

Janey Bra by Tutti Rouge

Janey Bra by Tutti Rouge

Over the next few weeks I’m focusing on reviewing pieces that are still around, and in my mind, are must buys for anyone looking for new lingerie. Some of these pieces are from previous seasons and some will be newly released, but think of the next few weeks more as a “best of” compilation of reviews rather than reviews that are organized in terms of seasons. 

I’d normally feel a little strange reviewing a tropical print bra in the middle of winter, but it’s been so warm here recently that it fits right in. After our 80 degree Christmas, I’m ready to tackle the tropical prints, even if it is January.

This review series is going to focus on bras and lingerie that I think are worth buying right now, but will also function as a loosely organized “best of” of the past year or so. This Janey Bra and Ruched Panty are two pieces that I”ve had for months and have made it into my regular rotation. I have a love/hate relationship with tropical print bras, but this one is right in my sweet spot: the colors are wonderful, the print is pretty and not cheesy and it just makes me feel happy.

Janey Bra Set

Janey Bra Set

Unsurprisingly, this bra is from Tutti Rouge. If I was going to give out a best of 2015 award for both print design and creativity, Tutti Rouge would win both. Their lookbooks continue to be creative and fun – and their 2016 lookbook even uses a plus size model to show off the entire line! I’m also consistently impressed with their dedication to providing several styles of matching panty to go with each bra, which basically no one else does. As someone who loves a great print, Tutti Rouge has a permanent (and rather large) space in my lingerie drawer.

So how does this set actually look on a non-model?

Janey Set by Tutti Rouge

Janey Set by Tutti Rouge

This set is a 36H bra and XL panty, both of which fit  perfectly. The print pops really nicely on a person versus promotional photos, but the print also isn’t so busy that it becomes way too much. I picked the ruched panty to go with the bra, which is a creative and flattering take on the generic bikini panty.

The materials in this bra are, as always, feeling amazingly luxe and comfortable. The bra is made out of their standard thick satin while the panties are made from a nice soft printed mesh. The straps use the usual Tutti Rouge gold heart sliders, which is a nice subtle branded touch. This bra retails for under $60 in US currency and feels like it is worth far more.

In terms of fit, the revamped version of Tutti Rouge works much better for me than their first season pieces did. The fit is now consistent with other brands (this is also my Elomi, Panche, Fantasie and Sculptresse bra size) and the cups have been made much deeper to accommodate a wider variety of bra shapes. These bras still work to some degree as minimizers on me, because their profile tends to be wider than some other British brands. In terms of shape, they’re closet to the Bravissimo half cup options I reviewed earlier this year. If you need incredibly deep cups (like Polish brand deep cups) I’m not sure Tutti Rouge will work for you. However, if you’re someone who fits well into other British brands then these bras will be right in your shape and fit wheelhouse.

I’ve washed and worn this bra lots before reviewing it, so I can say that it definitely holds up over time. I tend to cheat and wash my panties in the washer on the delicate cycle, so I can attest that the mesh in these stays in great shape no matter what you do to it.

This is the best tropical print bra I’ve owned so far (and I’ve tried a bunch) and definitely one of the standout sets of 2015 for me. Check back later this week and next week for more reviews in this series!

This set was provided by Tutti Rouge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 




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