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5 Lingerie Essentials For Your Next Vacation

I’m off to a family reunion soon, which is the first time I’ve taken more than a day and a half off without working since Thanksgiving. Since we’re all sharing a rental car and the rest of my family will have already been on vacation somewhere else for two weeks, we were encouraged to pack light.

I’m one of those people who pathologically plans ahead, so I immediately started trying to plan out my lingerie for the week based on some very strict parameters. If you’re full busted or plus size, packing enough lingerie for a week and getting anything else in a carry-on bag can be tough. This guide can help, whether you’re up against small rental car trunks, airplane baggage limits or any other travel limitations.

Softcup Lace Bra by Elila

Softcup Lace Bra by Elila

1. Pack a wireless bra for plane trips and airports. 

I never used to do this, because I only recently found a wireless bra that provides underwire level support and doesn’t make my back feel awful after more than an hour in it. I was using the flexible wire bras by Cake for this before, but I’ve now switched over to the holy grail of wireless bras – this lace soft cup bra by Elila. It’s affordable, comfortable and actually provides a fair amount of retro style lift. I no longer worry about underwires setting off any airport security measures without dealing with the misery of airplanes and compression based sports bras.

2. If you’re into matching sets, find bras that match with multiple panty options. 

My biggest lingerie problem is that I’m really into matching sets and most of my panties aren’t meant to go with anything else. Obviously, with the indie lingerie challenge going on this year, something about my lingerie setup will have to change. For trips, I do try and find bras that match with multiple sets of panties so I have to pack fewer bras. If you’re someone who is already into mixing and matching, this will make your packing much easier!

Panache Sports Bra in Pink Marl

Panache Sports Bra in Pink Marl

3. Always pack a decent sports bra. 

Sports bras are for more than hard core exercise. They can be great for a day of walking around a new city exploring, or for heading off into a local state park. If you can, pick something that is comfortable for daily wear and for sports, like the Panache sports bra. They’ve even got an wirefree version now if you want to use it as your airplane bra as well.

Kate Maxi Robe in Frost by Dear Bowie

Kate Maxi Robe in Frost by Dear Bowie

4. Bring one all purpose robe. 

Robes are great on trips, and while some hotels provide them, sometimes your favorite comfy robe from home is even better. Robes are great if you have to sit around at family brunch, deal with an extra cold hotel room or just cover up while you sit on your hotel balcony. I usually bring one basic long robe (my current regular is the Kate Maxi Robe by Dear Bowie) for the whole trip.

Soak Wash Mini Travel Pack

Soak Wash Mini Travel Pack

5. Don’t forget some emergency lingerie wash. 

Handwashing lingerie in hotel sinks definitely isn’t my favorite activity, but it’s sometimes a necessary one on trips. If you plan ahead, you can pick up useful single size packs of your favorite lingerie wash. If you haven’t you can just pour a little of your favorite lingerie wash into a travel container and stick it in with all of your toiletries. My favorite regular lingerie wash is sold at Journelle, but I like Soak Wash for trips since you don’t have to rinse your lingerie when you use it.

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  1. Awesome tips! I hope you had a good time at the family reunion!

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