Indie Lingerie Challenge Review #1: Fairytales F<3ck It All Knickers by Angela Friedman

Fairytales F*** It All Panties by Angela Friedman

Fairytales F*** It All Panties by Angela Friedman x Quinne Myers

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Lingerie: F*** It All Panties by Fairytales by Angela Friedman
Size: Custom
Additional Fees: $10 one time custom pattern fee, no fee on future orders from same pattern.
Price: $40

Angela Friedman and Quinne Myers’ cat panties have been making waves on social media, so the dedicated dog person in me was thrilled to see a second version released that were feline free. The release also came at the right time for me. I’ve spent the last few months stepping up a lot of elements of my business behind the scenes, but I’ve also spent that time getting rid of things that were either driving me nuts or just not worth my working hours anymore. Needless to say, these panties appealed to my girl boss sensibilities. These panties are from Angela’s diffusion line called Fairytales, which appeals to younger buyers with extremely girly sensibilities. Materials are high quality, but focus on fabrics like cotton rather than the fine silks her main line uses.

Pretty pretty tag from the Fairytales line!

Pretty pretty tag from the Fairytales line!


The order process for this was more extended, since I emailed Angela almost as soon as she put them up to order. She confirmed that I would need a custom size, mostly due to curviness rather than due to being far outside her regular sizing. She asked for detailed measurements and also asked me to mail her a pair of bikini cut panties that did fit me well to compare to her existing pattern. Since the central illustrated panel is pre-cut the rest of the pattern would have to be reworked around a piece that was a set size, making everything a bit more complicated. I happily paid the one time $10 patterning fee, but I doubt it paid for the extra time that went into communicating with me and re-working the pattern for a perfect fit.

Fairytales panties by Angela Friedman

Fairytales panties by Angela Friedman

And boy, do they fit! I almost never buy bikini style panties because they never fit me. Bikini panties can be hard on those of us who are hourglassy or have serious hips, but Angela has done some kind of magic here and these are perfect. They don’t move once you put them on, but they also don’t dig in. There’s no digging, no rolling down, no uncomfortable riding up as you move around throughout the day. Seriously people, it’s some kind of special design magic.

F*** It All Panties - Front View

F*** It All Panties – Front View

These panties are a nice compromise between sheer textures and actual function. The gusset is lined in soft white cotton and the illustrated panel section feels so silky and soft I might have mistaken it for silk. The rest of the panty is made up of soft light pink mesh and light elastics, which somehow all stay in place really well when you wear the panties.

F*** It All Panties - Back View

F*** It All Panties – Back View

As you can see, the back is completely sheer. The mesh is a really lovely shade of pink that doesn’t read as flesh tone on me (an issue I frequently have with light pink lingerie) and feels dreamy on.

Would I buy more from this line? Yes, although I wish that there were camisole or nightshirt options to go with the various panties as well as their current soft cup bra offerings. In general, the line seems to be aimed at less curvy people, so I’d love to see pieces that would work for a wider range of figures.

The sugary sweet aesthetic may not grab everyone, but I love pretty much everything this line has put out and I’m happy to have gotten to try out a piece of it for myself.  I’m seriously contemplating going back based purely on the panty fit.

What do you think of these panties? Do you have any questions about the custom process? Have you tried the Fairytales line yet?



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  • Reply denocte February 22, 2016 at 2:39 AM

    I’ve been thinking of buying the kitty ones ever since they came out, but recently wasn’t sure about it since I’m not the size most people pictured in Angela Friedman are. This review shows that the knickers are as gorgeous in bigger sizes, so…. I’m sold again 😀

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