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Indie Lingerie Challenge Review #3: The Leopard Lace Softcup Set by Elila

Leopard Lace Softcup set in Black by Elila

Leopard Lace Softcup set in Black by Elila

This set was provided by Elila. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I talked about Elila’s pretty groundbreaking work with diversity in the lingerie industry last week (as well as their new fashion options), so this week I wanted to review one of their basic sets. I scheduled this review because it’s a set I’ve been wearing a lot and because I believe it will be the template for several of the fashion options when Fall/Winter rolls around.

When I announced the indie lingerie challenge, I talked a lot about my worry that I wouldn’t be able to buy any bras for a year under the rules. Elila super generously stepped up and sent me a bunch of bras to tide me over until their new stuff came out. While some were backups of sets I already owned and wear weekly, this one was new! Elila didn’t actually ask me to review any of these, but I think this one will be of interest to all of you for several reasons. It’s also one of the most useful new sets I have in my lingerie drawer and I’ve worn it a bunch.

Elila’s sizing is a little different, but once you figure out your size it’s pretty consistent. For this review, I’m wearing a 38H in the bra and a XL in the panties. If you’ve never tried Elila before, the instructions in this video are a pretty good place to start.

So why am I, queen of crazy colorful lingerie, reviewing a basic black set? Because it’s awesome and presents something genuinely better than what other companies are putting out. So today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Leopard Lace Softcup Set and why I think you guys will be so interested in this.

So how does it look on someone who isn’t a model? Here you go:

Leopard Softcup Bra by Elila

Leopard Softcup Bra by Elila

As you can see, there’s something pretty amazing going on here: a wireless bra with support that puts it on par with some underwired bras! While I wouldn’t go for this if I wanted super lift and separation under a fancy dress, this is the only bra I own that can handle everything from chasing after the dog to airplanes. I’ve also worn it out plenty of times instead of an underwire bra with no issues. As you can see, it doesn’t give you complete separation, but I don’t know of a wireless bra that can do that in a higher cup size (if there is such a miracle, I haven’t found it).

What this bra provides is something I think lots of us are looking for. It is comfortable, provides great support, looks nice under clothing and lasts through tons of wash and wears. The wide bottom band stays in place perfectly, so you don’t feel like you’re awkwardly shifting around without underwires to put you in place. And while it’s basic black, the pattern is actually pretty cute.

Leopard Print Pattern by Elila

Leopard Print Pattern by Elila

The tone on tone leopard print keeps it from falling into totally basic black territory, while not having enough texture that it creates lumps or shows under clothing.


These are the first panties I’ve tried from Elila outside the matching Glamour set, so I was really pleased (although not surprised) to find out that their basics are really comfortable. On me, these are high waisted without verging into “granny panty” territory and are seamless under pretty much anything. They also stay in place, so there’s no moving around or digging in. I’ve washed and worn these a bunch since I got them and they still look good as new. I frequently cheat and wash my panties using the gentle cycle in the washing machine (yes, I know) and these still look great.

If you are looking for a wireless bra and are in Elila’s size range, this is what you should try. It’s by far the best wireless bra that I’ve found and is the gold standard of what wireless bras can be in both the full bust and full figured size ranges. As a bonus, Elila goes up to a US N cup, making their size range one of the most inclusive on the market.

I’m super excited about the new fashion pieces in the fall, especially as some of them seem to be wireless as well. Until then, I’ll be happily wearing this bra!


Elila doesn’t sell through their own website, but they have a list of stockists here. You can also find them on Amazon, if that’s your preferred way of trying out new lingerie.

What do you think of this wireless bra? 



  1. I can’t stand the look of this kind of bra – what my mother wore until I introduced her to Elomi – but it does look much better on you than on the model and I do really want a wireless bra that I can safely wear to work . I wonder if I can find any in Australia…

  2. I think the video explains +4 sizing well. Elila really is a +4 (or so) brand, judging by the style I tried. Quite a few brands use the +2, +4 size chart and adding inches is unnecessary. With Elila, adding inches to the band is necessary, for me.

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