Indie Challenge Review #6: Jane Panty Pack by RavenDreams

Jane Panties by RavenDreams

Jane Panties by RavenDreams

I reviewed the first part of my RavenDreams order here, so make sure to check it out if you like these!

I’m usually fully a matching set person, but picking up various pieces throughout this challenge has meant that I needed to fill in with some new panties! I am one of those people who keeps panties until they fall apart (don’t be me) so I finally managed to find some time to get rid of any that were dead or didn’t fit. Obviously, that meant I needed some new ones! I’d fit tested these when they were first released, so I knew they were a good bet for me.

On the surface these are about as basic as you get: plain mesh panties in a bikini cut. However, if you’re plus-sized or even just blessed with more curves than average, you’ll know that finding basic bikini cut panties that stay put can be a challenge. Once again, RavenDreams superior pattern design and sizing system is the magic that turns an average panty into an extraordinary one.

Bra: Janey Bra by Tutti Rouge  Panties: Jane Panties by RavenDreams

Bra: Janey Bra by Tutti Rouge

Panties: Jane Panties by RavenDreams

These are currently available in packs of two, with each pack costing $44.59. This makes them a great deal for a well made panty that will actually last. Even better, while they’re listed in black and red only, I was offered a huge choice of colors as well when Abi went ahead and confirmed my measurements. I grabbed light blue and pink, because I envisioned them matching two of my favorite bras that I wear regularly.

Bra: Glamour Bra by Elila  Panties: Jane Panties by RavenDreams

Bra: Glamour Bra by Elila

Panties: Jane Panties by RavenDreams

These panties are super sheer (I’m wearing an extra layer under them here for modesty). This makes them both basic and sexy, as well as perfect for warm weather temperatures. I basically live in mesh pieces during southern summers, so this means that they will see lots of wear over the next few months.

These panties do lots of magical things: they stay in place, don’t cut in, don’t roll and cling to my curves really nicely. Some of this is due to that fact that RavenDreams makes each piece by hand thinks more about measurements than standard sizing, but it’s also due to the fact that every piece she makes is cut with serious curves in mind. To me, this makes them worth the slightly increased price – especially as they’ll last much longer than a slightly cheaper set of panties.

I’m definitely planning on picking up a few more sets of these!

Have you tried anything from RavenDreams yet? What do you think of these panties?

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  • Reply Silver Cat Tea Party May 6, 2016 at 10:08 AM

    I love how you matched these so well to bras you already have! So pretty together!

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