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True Lingerie Loves: The Freya Chemise

This can come hang out in my closet anytime.

This can come hang out in my closet anytime.

A few weeks ago on Twitter, I was lamenting the lack of lingerie reviews for perennial favorites. In reality, lingerie bloggers are a lot like regular lingerie consumers: we find something we like, we buy it in four different colors and we wear it over and over again. Except, because we’re so focused on reviewing whatever the hot new thing is, we forget to review that old favorite that we wear four days a week. I’m going to attempt to start a trend today by writing about one of my favorite pieces that I’ve bought over and over again – the chemises that Freya puts out.

This is the closest to having a "nude" slip that I've ever gotten.

This is the closest to having a “nude” slip that I’ve ever gotten.


I don’t write about Freya bras much, mostly because I don’t wear them. The wires don’t work for me (which I think isn’t uncommon in larger cup sizes) and I’m sized out of all of the most popular cuts like the Deco.

Having said that, Freya can have all of my money as long as they keep making these amazing chemises. My love for their chemises is so deep that it’s even tempted me once or twice to try their new bralette, although I haven’t done it yet.

Minx Chemise in Leopard by Freya

Minx Chemise in Leopard by Freya


While Freya’s  chemises may look like fancy sheer slips, I find them to be a multipurpose lingerie and wardrobe necessities during warm weather. They work as slips under dresses that you want to protect as well as breathable sleepwear during the hottest part of the summer. I put them through the machine and the dryer and they come out like new every time. They come in prints and basic colors now, which  means that there is one out there for everyone.

The underbust seam doesn’t look like it does much in the photos, but on me it provides at least as much support as a bralette would. That means they’re comfortable to sleep in, but also easy to layer a bra under if I want to use them as a slip. I have four now and they’re pretty much permanently in rotation and get washed at least once a week.

Crush Orchid Chemise by Freya

Crush Orchid Chemise by Freya

You can pick these up all over the place, although I usually wait for a sale since I have so many already. Brastop has them on sale in older colors and patterns and Bravissimo sometimes carries exclusive or online only versions of them. You can also see if new ones are upcoming in the latest Freya collection previews on their site (Why did you guys not make one in Strawberry Fields? I would have bought it!).  They run around $50 at full price and can get as low as $25 on sale. When they get that low, I stock up.

What are your true lingerie loves? What pieces do you buy over and over?


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