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Plus Size Review: Foxers Lace Boxers, Camisoles and More!

Foxers Camisole and Lace Boxers

Foxers Camisole and Lace Boxers

Products reviewed were provided by Foxers. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I’ve seen Foxers pop up in conversations frequently during the past year or so – notably when they became one of Bluestockings Boutique’s bestselling products. Lingerie Detective also reviewed them awhile back, which really made me want to try them. Needless to say, I was absolutely ready to get on board when the Foxers team asked if I’d like to try some products.

Bloggers don’t really talk about how review samples work, but the basics are simple: a company offers to let you try their stuff. Sometimes you get to pick, sometimes you don’t. Obviously this can have a variety of results; I’ve discovered products I now love and would never have tried because they have been review samples, but I’ve also had some total disasters. This review is a great example of finding something I loved that I never would have tried otherwise.

Foxers Lace Camisole and Lace Boxers

Foxers Lace Camisole and Lace Boxers

So, let’s start with piece I was 110% sure was never going to work and go from there. When the Foxer rep offered me a camisole, I was really sure it was never going to work out. Triangle top camisoles are notoriously awful for curvy ladies and I was pretty sure this would be a wasted sample, which always makes me feel bad. I was kind of shocked to see that it actually fit and that I loved the way it looked on me. I love matching sets, so I’m particularly impressed with the way the floral straps echo the floral waistline of both the lace boxers and the regular ones. Surprisingly, I have worn the hell out of this camisole since getting it. It’s cute, super soft and great for lounging around in.

Foxers Lace Boxers have gotten a ton of press for a good reason. They’re a great girly take on the boxer trend and their lace is fantastic. I honestly feel like the lace used in these pieces is on par with Hanky Panky, which is a huge compliment. Lingerie Detective reported some issues with threads pulling in her review, which made me nervous and extra vigilant about keeping these away from Didy’s little doggie clutches. Having said that, I’ve washed these in the washing machine and put them through the dryer multiple times now with no issues. These are light and basically feel like wearing nothing, which makes them great for hot weather and warmer climates. They’re somehow miraculously constructed to be sheer in some areas and covered in others, so you don’t have to worry about wearing completely sheer lace panties if that isn’t your thing.

Foxers Boxers

Foxers Boxers

As you can see, the pattern and color matching runs through all three product lines, so you can mix and match pieces to create matching sets that go with your personal underwear style preferences. It’s a really smart idea and great for those of us who love matching sets but hate being stuck with a style of underwear we never wear.

Foxers Boxers

Foxers Boxers

While I’ve worn all of these pieces a lot since I received them a few weeks ago, I think this pair of cotton boxers has gotten the most wear. They are so comfortable and so easy to wear that I’ve pretty much been living in them. They have all of the nice menswear touches that boxers have, combined with a girly aesthetic that is right in line with my personal lingerie preferences. They make great sleepwear, but I also wear them under dresses frequently for more coverage on windy days. These have gone through a lot of washer and dryer cycles at this point, so I can happily report that they hold up well.

All of these pieces were an XXL, and they all fit really well! The Foxers size charts are really accurate, which was incredibly helpful when trying to figure out what size I would actually be. In a world full of useless sizing charts, Foxers is doing them right.

You can get these from the Foxers site:

Camisole Nightie with Pink Posies Straps

Pink Lace Boxers with Pink Posies Waistband

Pink Boxer Briefs with Pink Posies Waistband

Alternatively, you can buy for a cause and browse the Foxers selection at Bluestockings Boutique!

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