Sugar Candy Bra Review: Supportive Lounge Bras for Curves

Sugar Candy Bra

This bra was provided for review by Sugar Candy/Cake Lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


I’ve written a lot about Cake Lingerie bras over the years, because I always loved their flexible wire bras as lounge bras and lazy day bras. The only flaw was that they were actually maternity bras, which could be a little weird if you just liked to wear them as regular bras. Other people must have felt similarly. because Cake Lingerie has now launched the Sugar Candy Bra, which is a regular lounge bra aimed at full-figured and full-busted women! Naturally, I was happy to try the bra that I had dreamt about for several years.

Sugar Candy Bra Interior

The strength of Cake bras have always been their fabric content and thoughtful design, as well as their multiple layers of hook and eyes for sizing. All of this has been kept and used in the Sugar Candy bra, which means it’s incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. I ended up trying both the XL and the XXL and I’d advise you to size up if you’re right on the edge of the sizing – while both fit, the XXL was definitely more comfortable and more supportive. The wireless bra creates support through a series of internal slings, which actually work exceptionally well.

Sugar Candy definitely advertises this as purely a lounge bra and a sleep bra (which I know lots of us are looking for) but I have worn it to the grocery several times on lazy days and not felt particularly self conscious while doing so. While you won’t get the lift and provide of an underwire bra, it’s more supportive than pretty much anything else in this category. I’d love to see them do a version of their flexible underwire bras next!

As someone who suffers from various fibromyalgia related aches and pains, this bra is also great on days when my upper body just doesn’t want to deal with getting poked and prodded by anything. The design of the straps and the fabric ensures you don’t have pressure on any pain points, while the soft fabric won’t irritate your skin. If you’re someone who looks for bras with lighter underwires (like Freya or Fantasie) for comfort, I suspect you’re going to fall hard for this bra. I’ve even cheated and put it through the delicate wash cycle a few times and it’s come out as good as new.

I’m not sure I’ve ever pointed out a marketing video before, but this one is actually worth a watch. It’s funny and shows that the brand has a great handle on it’s audience. It also gives you a sense of the lift provided by the bra!

I’m really happy to see another serious contender in the lounge/sleep bra space, since it’s something that lots of people are looking for. I’m especially happy if the Sugar Candy branding means that a full line will be produced, because I trust the people behind it to create amazing products. I’ll definitely be picking up one in black since I’ve worn the beige version so much.


Have you tried the Sugar Candy bra yet? What do you think of lounge and sleep bras?

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