5 Questions To Ask A Lingerie Copywriter Before You Hire Them

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The most common question I get from clients before they hire me is simple: Everyone just wants to know how this process works. While I’m happy to explain various style options to people, I often wish and encourage them to ask questions that get beyond the process once I’m hired.

Let’s take a detour quickly to talk about the internet and how it can be truly scary. I get so many clients who are on their second or third service provider – and I’m not the only one! Some people have service providers who disappear. Some people get terrible work that is unusable and have to pay prohibitive prices for revisions. It’s enough to put people off hiring copywriters remotely altogether, which I absolutely understand. My goal is always to be the exception: to be reliable, to always deliver what I promise and to be available to my clients when they need help.

However…there are definitely some easy questions you can ask to get a better sense of a lingerie copywriter (or any content writer) and how they operate. Doing your due diligence is important – and any copywriter worth their salt will be happy to provide the information to let you do it. If you’re thinking about hiring a lingerie copywriter soon, make sure you ask these five questions first.

Where can I read your writing?

Even if a copywriter is just starting out, they will have sample pieces to show you or published work that they can point you to. In my case, I normally just point potential clients to my regular columns at Lingerie Briefs and The Breast Life to get a sense of my work (although I’m happy to provide samples beyond that if they reflect a specific job more accurately). If a writer can’t or won’t provide samples that have been published or accepted by a third party, don’t hire them.

Who are your clients?

Ideally, you should already know some of this information from checking out the website of your potential service provider! Do they provide public testimonials? How recognizable are their clients or the companies they work with? Are all of those companies still in business?

In some cases, a copywriter legitimately won’t be able to talk to you about some portion their clients due to non-disclosure agreements. This usually applies to larger or corporate clients, which can be limiting when a copywriter is interviewing for work! If a copywriter does refuse to talk about a small portion of their clients, you shouldn’t be upset or insulted. After all, that means that they’ll protect your privacy as well and behave reliably and professionally.

What are your interests?

Not every client is a good fit for every copywriter. This is something it’s taken me a lot of years to learn, but not every client is meant to be your client. I will always pitch hard for clients that involve feminist, plus-size, or diverse lingerie projects since they’re in my wheelhouse. That isn’t to say that all of my clients fit that mould, but I always appreciate someone having done their background research. Knowing what your lingerie copywriter is truly interested in can help you snag a spot on a busy schedule or just make a connection that benefits your long term business relationship.

How long has your oldest client been with you?

This isn’t on the standard list of questions but the answer tells you so much in so little time. If the answer is three to six months, that tells you something. If it’s a decade, that tells you something else. Client retention is a skill and an art and you want your copywriter to be good at it. You’ll get better service and a guarantee that your copywriter will be around to help you out for years to come.

What are your most popular services?

Most copywriters offer a large range of services, but definitely have their favorites! It’s good to ask about popular packages that other companies have found success with as well as other service options that you’re interested in.

I occasionally get clients who know that they need help but just don’t know where to start. In that case, I usually encourage clients to start with the stuff that they hate doing every week and that sucks valuable time out of their lives. Usually, that boils down to some form of combined blogging and social media package.

Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask a lingerie copywriter? What are they? If so, leave them in the comments!

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