7 Marketing Tasks for Your Lingerie Business to Tackle This Summer

My new website is back up! It’s been a whirlwind around here, as I’m juggling work and getting ready to move across the country in about two weeks. I’m also going to be blogging weekly again!

The summer can be can of quiet for lingerie businesses, with the exception of prepping and attending Curve NYC in August. This makes it a great time to catch up on all of those little tasks you were too busy to do during the rest of the year! I had all of these on my list before I found out I was moving, so I’m hoping to get back to them once I’m settled in my new house in a few weeks.

All of these tasks are really simple (and some are even fun) but they can make a big difference in how your business operates during the rest of the year. You can use them to get inspired, evaluate your business to improve it in the future and to learn more about current trends that you can take advantage of. If you try any of these out, make sure to leave a comment on this blog and let me know how it went!

Learn something new to inspire yourself at work.

This can be as simple as picking up a book about a fashion designer you’ve always admired or reading a book to teach yourself a new skill. It can also include fun things, like watching current media offerings that your customers relate to or are fueling current trends. If you’re looking for recommendations make sure to try out Hulu’s Shrill or this textbook on the history of lingerie that I love.

Check out the current Google landscape.

You probably know where Google ranks you or your website, but do you know what is going on around your ranking? It’s important to know not just where you rank but how the landscape around your business is changing. Do you have new competitors? Are your search terms still relevant? What kind of content are other people creating?

Check up on the latest Google updates.

Google works in mysterious ways, but thankfully lots of people track that stuff online so you don’t have to. While you don’t have to become a Google wizard or know how to transform your website with each and every update (that’s what people like me are for), you should probably know the general purpose of any recent major updates.

Google updates tend to fall into two categories. Google either comes out and says “We changed X because of Y” or they come out and say they updated and you just have to make your website better if you find that you are effected by it. In general, regular updates of original and educational content is always prioritized over other issues. This includes your product listings, which is really important. If you are using descriptions from the wholesaler or reusing descriptions, you need to change things up as soon as you can.

Edit and update your website content.

Website content can become outdated pretty quickly, which is why it’s important to spring clean it once or twice a year. Make sure that your information is still accurate and focused on your important keywords. Sometimes this is as simple as making some quick edits!

If your business has changed in terms of looks or focus over the past year then it’s important to make sure that your content reflects your new image. In this case, you may want to spend some time writing some new content or making major changes to your old content so it matches your new branding.

Order new business cards or other physical marketing materials that you like to have around.

Succeeding in business is partially about being able to seize the moment, so make sure you have the tools to do so on hand! If your stock of business cards or other marketing materials is low, go ahead and restock for the busy autumn season now.

If you decide that your current design isn’t resonating with you, then go ahead and try out a design that does! This way, you’ll be all ready once Curve ends and the busy season hits again.

Check out the industry publications and current bloggers to research trends.

I have to put in an obligatory plug here for Lingerie Briefs (and would even if I wasn’t one of their writers)! I continually learn things from their articles. There are lots of other great sources out there for industry and trend information as well. Some of my favorite non-industry bloggers currently are Hourglassy, Sweet Nothings and Comics Girls Need Bras.

Clear out your work space and make it more intentional and comfortable place.

I’ve been thinking about this one a lot. I’ve spent years living in a tiny apartment in the middle of a city, so my work space was basically any corner I felt comfortable in. My new house is in the country, substantially larger than my current apartment and has several options in it for a huge office space. Rather than simply transferring my desk and other belongings, I’ve been trying to think about creating a space that speaks to me and makes me feel inspired.

If you work in a more traditional office, this can be as simple as putting up some new pictures on your desk or rearranging some things! Whatever you decide on, try to make sure to give your space some tidying time. A clean and neat workspace is always a gift once things get busy in September.

If you try any of these tasks, make sure to leave a comment and let me know how they went!

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