Two Client Spots Are Open For Fall/Winter 2019!

One of my resolutions this year is to spend more time talking about my business and actively pursuing clients who I feel match my own values and attitudes. After all, it’s important to love your job! I’m lucky that I have a great stable of current clients who love and value my work, but I’m also opening up a a few more client spots for the busy season from Halloween through Valentine’s Day. Most of my clients are retainer clients for the entire year at this point, so this is a great time to get some help for the busiest season of the year and try me out at the same time. If you’re thinking about hiring a lingerie copywriter or content writer this season, then here are some basics to start with.

How much does it cost?

I always start client intake with a personal phone meeting and an individual estimate tailored to the needs of your business. This usually takes about 30 minutes. If you’d like to schedule your time, just email me through the contact form. Packages can be designed for multiple budget options and multiple business sizes. My current clients range from individual designers to larger and more mainstream medium sized corporate brands.

What sorts of services do you offer?

You can check out my services page for the full details, but my most popular services right now are packages that combine social media management with content creation and blogging. I’ve also done some brand launches and consulting this year, which I’d love to continue with into 2020.

Do I have to sign up for a certain block of time?

It depends on the project! If it’s a website launch or a one-off project I don’t require a commitment beyond that work. If it’s a standard services package (like blogging or social media) I do require a three month commitment. This is a great time of year to start that, since it will get you through holiday marketing! I do this because it can be hard to see real and dramatic results in less than three months. It gives you a chance to see the value of hiring me and it gives me a chance to know you better: both of these are important if you’re thinking of hiring someone to handle these sorts of things for the next year or so.

Are you looking for a certain type of client?

Some of my most successful long term client relationships are with brands that sell a more general inventory or work in niches that I don’t write about a lot in my industry columns. I’ve had some clients for 7 years now! I’m easy to work with and incredibly good at my job.

I’m always happy to work with brands who are lead by women, doing fun things in the plus-size part of the market, or are focusing on sustainability or other environmental concerns. Those are my personal passion areas in the industry and I’m always happy when my income and my interests line up more directly!

If you’ve got any questions or want to chat about future projects, just email me!

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