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    Bolero Beachwear Review: A Tale of Two Lolas

    Jenny Rieu in the red Lola dress

    It’s no secret if you follow my Instagram that I am a huge fan of Bolero Beachwear – and that I wear my dresses from them a lot. However, today I wanted to do something different. I’ll be reviewing the current ponte di roma Lola in stock at Bolero and also showing some pictures of my top secret velvet Lola that was made as a one-off for me – and that I’m hoping Patricia will put into production for winter party season next year!

    Lola Dress by Bolero Beachwear

    If you’re full-busted, the Lola looks a lot like one of those dresses you would see on a rack at laugh at. It has the dreaded underbust seam, which is usually a sign of dress doom. Amazingly, Patricia has done some magic to make this work on curvy figures – and it’s super flattering! This is the ponte di roma version, which is heavy enough for winter in New Orleans but also probably light enough for spring other places. I’ve had this one for months and it has been washed and worn over and over, so I can testify that they wear well.

    Velvet Lola by Bolero Beachwear

    This past autumn or so, I finally gave in and sold some of my favorite (but ill fitting) party dresses. I love wearing velvet for the holidays here, so I immediately asked Patricia if she’d ever thought of doing some velvet party dresses. She basically said no, and I assumed that was the end of it. So, you can imagine my glee when this beauty showed up on my doorstep early this spring! It was my dream party dress, in a pink velvet that matched my newish hair color perfectly. It turns out that Patricia had seen my new hair color on Instagram and had run into the velvet in a shop and intentionally matched them up!

    I love this formal version of my beloved Lola and can’t wait to wear it to every party and event I can possibly make it work for – it’s totally glamorous but also feels like wearing pajamas, which is the best kind of party dress. While it’s nice to have a one-of-a-kind dress, I’m hoping this gets added to Bolero’s official offerings next year. I know lots of women looking for a similar dress, which is why I’m posting about this one!

    I’m really happy to have both these dresses for reasons beyond fit and quality materials – they’re both made by women living in Florida who are paid a living wage. Working in the lingerie industry has opened my eyes to what fast fashion consumption does to victimize garment workers and the environment. While I’m not promising that I’ll never buy another fast fashion item, I have found myself gravitating towards companies who use sustainable materials and in-country labor sources exclusively this year. I’ve also started to explore the idea of making some of my own clothes with sustainably sourced fabric for similar reasons. I love wearing my Lola dresses, but I’m also proud that no one was victimized or taken for granted as part of their creation.

    Now all I need is a lightweight Lola for spring/summer and I’ll quite literally be able to live in Lola dresses 365 days of the year!

    Have you tried Bolero Beachwear yet? Which Lola Dress is your favorite?