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    Friday Round-Up: Giveaways, Birdcage Knickers, and Why The Alphabet Shouldn’t Matter

    It’s Friday! This would seem less remarkable if my brain wasn’t somehow already mentally halfway through November. There were some great pieces on lingerie this week, so I thought I’d make a list of them for your reading pleasure.

    The New York Times ran this article on why women are pleased that they are now fitting into bigger size bras. I had a lot of problems with it, but it speaks to the fact that we’re still emphasizing letters of the alphabet. Shouldn’t we all be celebrating the new frontier of bras that actually fit us rather than what cup size we are?

    My column went up on The Lingerie Journal this week. I talk about the importance of showing your influences and telling your story to win customers over. While you’re over there, make sure you subscribe to The Lingerie Journal’s new print format!

    Invest in Your Chest has a great review of the Freya Naomi bra.The bra isn’t my style, but the review is well done and I suspect it will appeal to a whole lot of other people who like patterns more than I do.

    Bare Necessities is having a giveaway to celebrate selling their 5 millionth bra! They’re giving away five $1,000 lingerie prizes, as well as a consultation with Jenny Altman of ILOVEAGOOD. Entries close the 29th, so make sure you sign up.

    I have nothing very intelligent to say except that I need these knickers desperately. Stretch lace, bows, and a cut out bird in the back! As a bonus, they’re handmade from an independent label. I’m in love with them.

    Image via Amuse-Bouche.

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