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I’m a professional copywriter, but there are lots of those out there. So, what are the advantages when you hire me to write for your lingerie or fashion business?

  • Lots of copywriters can write, but I’ve got the skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of lingerie. Hiring me frees you up to do the things that matter to your business rather than waste time explaining your business to someone who doesn’t get it.
  • I see both sides. I’m a paid blogger, but I’m also a consumer and an advertising professional. I know what appeals to your customers, but I also know what matters to you as a business owner.
  • I’m creative, and I have experience with everything from Etsy stores to national level campaigns. I’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, as well as with solopreneurs.
  • Put simply, I’m good at my job. I charge reasonable prices. My clients love me, and they always come back for more work. Hiring me makes your life easier, your web content better, and helps you make more money. I’m fun to work with and very approachable.
Retainer Services:
Here’s the short version: retainer packages are customized to suit your monthly business needs. Services can be combined at an exclusive retainer rate and any services beyond your retainer package are offered at a 20% discount. These spots are limited and require a three month commitment. For more information, check out the retainer services page here.
If you’re an in independent business, check out some package options that are tailor made for you at the Indie Garden Club page.
  • Consulting: Need help getting organized? Have a marketing problem that is driving you nuts? Need an expert to get your business started on a solid footing? Consulting is your answer. This has become an incredibly popular service here at TFFC and can easily be combined with other content based services as part of a custom package or retainer.
  • Product Description Packages: Original product descriptions are essential to the success of your lingerie business. I can put together small or large product description packages that fit your business and your style perfectly.
  • Newsletters and Mailing List Content: If you’re promoting a new product, launching a new service, or wanting to maintain a regular newsletter then this is for you. I write content that entertains, educates, and brings your conversion rate up.
  • Ghost Blogging: Blogging stresses lots of people out, and can sometimes come last on your to-do list. I can write ghost blogs on a regular basis or as a one time thing. Use them to promote something new, or just to take one more item off your plate.
  • About Pages: About pages should be fun and educational, as well as let people know who you are and what you’re about. I frequently hear people say, “I know what I want, but I don’t know how to say it.” Don’t worry, I do.
  • Press Releases: Do you have something you want to tell the world? I can write a press release that will spread your news far and wide and get results.
  • Social Media and Blog Management: This is frequently combined with my ghost blogging services.
  • Website Copy: We live in a world where your companies are judged by their websites. Don’t let your potential customers down! I can create website copy that appeals to your target market and converts lingerie lovers into paying customers.
  • Media Kits/Press Kits: I can create a gorgeous and effective media/press kit that will help journalists and bloggers remember you and make potential stockists want to see more.
To make an inquiry, please email me at [email protected]
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