The Full-Busted Holiday Gift Guide

1. Sophia Silk Kimono Wrap by La Lilouche

If you’re looking for a luxury gift this holiday that is also useful year round, this robe is perfect. It is made to order, and can be made up through a K cup. I’m in love with the classic look of the front and the gorgeous cut out back. If you’re looking for a new take on classic lingerie, you can’t do better than this.

If you’re ordering for someone else, make sure to have their hip, waist, and bust measurements ready. This is also a great gift if you are buying for someone who loves lingerie but aren’t as sure of their personal tastes as you’d like to be. The kimono cut means it looks good on pretty much everyone, and you can’t ever go wrong with silk.

2. Elektra Lace Bodysuit by Sonata Lingerie

I’m biased, because this is one of my favorite pieces in my lingerie drawer. I wear it with black skirts, pants, and even jeans. I especially like to combine it with the hot pink mesh Dessous set that is number 8 on this list. You can wear it as sexy lingerie, with a tank top under it as a sheer blouse, or with a sexy bra underneath and a suit jacket over it.

All Sonata lingerie is made to order, and their designs really make curves look great. Make sure you have the hip, waist, and bust measurements of the person you’re buying for to get the perfect fit.

3. Falling In Love Bra, Thong, and Suspender set by Fraulein Annie

Some holiday lingerie can be a little too on the nose and cheesy, but this set does classic holiday colors in an elegant way. Fraulein Annie makes lingerie that is inspired by classic cabaret styles in sizes up to a G cup. If the person you’re buying for isn’t into pink or red, this same set comes in a gorgeous chestnut colorway that has a whole different appeal. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.

4. Hourglass Corsetlette by Charnos Lingerie

If there was a hall of fame for shapewear, this would be the first piece I would nominate. It’s sexy, supportive, and actually has reasonably functional garters. It smoothes out your problem areas under a dress, and also looks great once that dress comes off later in the evening. The gold color with the intricate black lace overlay also makes it the perfect holiday gift.

I find that this piece has very generous cups, so you may want to size down if you’re on a smaller end of your cup size. The band size is very standard. If you’re wanting to put together a complete set for someone for the holidays, check out What Katie Did or Kiss Me Deadlyfor some old fashioned seamed stockings to go with it.

5. Boudoir Starlet Bra and Thong by Allegro

I own this bra in pink, and it is one of my absolute favorites. I think the richness of this navy blue version works better as a holiday gift though. The Boudoir Starlet bra is made of incredibly soft lace, and will keep you supported and comfortable through pretty much any activity short of running a marathon. It comes in up to a G cup, and the cups are very generous and give you great shape. If you’re buying for someone who likes beautiful high-quality basics, this is the set you should get them.

For more information, check out my review of this bra here.

6. Smokey Taboo set by Beaujais Lingerie

For me, holiday lingerie should be about rich colors and luxury fabrics. This set incorporates all of that along with a classic French look, and even comes up to a GG cup. I love the blue satin and the black lace overlay, along with the gorgeous suspender belt.

7. Honey Underwire Babydoll and Thong by Parfait for Affinitas

Parfait by Affinitas is breaking new ground when it comes to full-busted lingerie, and this babydoll is no exception. I’m own one of these, and I love everything about it. If you are looking for lingerie that acknowledges the holiday without going the whole reindeer and snowflake direction, this is perfect. Make sure you get the matching thong as well, because the babydoll takes sexy and sheer to a whole new level. The best thing about it is it fits as well as their bras, which means it will be comfortable and supportive the whole time you have it on. This babydoll is available up to a G cup.

I fit comfortably into a 34G, but other reviewers say their bands run tight. I love my bands really tight, so you may want to size up for comfort.

8. Dessous Mesh Bra and Bikini in Pink by Claudette

I just got this set recently, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. I was a little skeptical about mesh bras that go up to a G cup, but this set is comfortable and supportive. The contrasting black details and the seams add visual interest while also adding extra support. It’s also incredibly sexy. If you want to give someone a lingerie gift that stands out, this is what you should buy. This is also a great buy for someone who loves to tastefully show off their bra through a shirt or bodysuit.

9. PL Atrament Bra by Ewa Michalak

I’m obsessed with Ewa Michalak’s plunge bras. They look great, feel amazing, and create gravity defying lift and cleavage. They also come in sizes that you literally can’t find anywhere else. Her sizing currently runs up to a LL cup.

I love this PL Atrament because of the luxurious and rich color, as well as the pleated detailing on the straps. Even better, you can match it with a thong, boyshorts, or a bikini brief depending on the amount of coverage that you like.

Sizing and buying from Ewa Michalak can be a little confusing, but here’s some good general tips. Like most plunges, hers should be ordered one or two sizes up from your regular cup size. Her bands also run very tight, almost a full size or two tighter than other bands. I am usually a 34G/GG, and I need a 36GG in this bra. That’s going up one or two cup sizes, and then adjusting for the larger band size. The price of the bras depends on the current currency status, but her bras tend to be in the $50 range.

10. Princess Balconette bra in Wine by Curvy Kate

I love the color of this bra, and you can’t ever go wrong with Curvy Kate. The polka dots on it are raised and almost feel like they’re made of velvet, and the navy blue ribbon that runs through the top of the cups creates an amazing color contrast with the rest of it.

Curvy Kate makes bras in G-K cups, and this bra has a gorgeous short that matches with it.

11. HM Burgund Bra by Ewa Michalak

This is another offering from Ewa Michalak (so following the sizing advice under number nine but go for your normal cup size), and would make a great gift for someone who likes a little more coverage from their lingerie. I love the burgundy color and the elaborate pattern on it, and this soft half cup bra gives you lots of lift, support, and coverage at the same time. This bra goes up to an HH cup.

12. Fly Butterfly Fly D-G Contour Bra, Bikini, and Suspender Set

I own lots of Elle Macpherson bras, and I find them to be pretty and supportive. If you’re in the market for traditional holiday lingerie, you can’t do much better than with this red Fly Butterfly Fly set. The only downside is the straps on these bras are short and the sides come up very high, so if you have a long torso they may not fit you as well. This bra goes up to a G cup.


  • Reply Patrycja Kamińska November 28, 2011 at 3:46 AM

    Hi! This is a nice review, though I have found one mistake. Number 11, the Ewa Michalak HM Burgund is a sof-cup bra, and does not come in such a range of sizes as the padded plunge bras. The biggest cup is HH (band size 30).
    It is a luxurious bra with a fantastic embroidery, I admit!

    • Reply hollyj November 28, 2011 at 4:26 AM

      Thanks for the correction! I’ve made the appropriate changes.

  • Reply Elisabeth Dale (@TheBreastLife) December 2, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    Love this list! Thanks for putting it together!

  • Reply Danielle December 3, 2011 at 10:28 AM

    There are lot of good ones here! Good to hear the mesh was supportive of larger cup sizes. Elomi is one of our favorite brands to include as well for fuller busts. #2 may need to go on my wishlist. Santa, are you listening?

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